Isle Airtech Inflatable SUP for Yoga Review 2019

Isle Airtech 10 ReviewIf you’ve ever used a regular stand up paddle board, you probably know just how tiring and inconvenient it can be carrying and transporting it back and forth.

Thankfully, SUP boards now come in an inflatable version, and can be transported effortlessly, without the need to have rails attached to your vehicle.

Of these inflatable models, the ISLE Airtech SUP is one of the leading and most popular boards for yoga use.

Take a look at our article on the best inflatable stand up paddle boards for yoga to how this ISLE yoga SUP compares with other boards.

Here’s our detailed ISLE Airtech review.

General Information



The ISLE Airtech stands at 10’4” long, 31” wide and 6” thick. It’s one of the lightest SUP boards available weighing in at only 18.2lbs (approximately 30% lighter than most similar boards but without any compromise on its quality).

The Airtech is manufactured by ISLE Surf and SUP, one of the leading paddle board manufacturers in the US, having been a mainstay in the industry since 2004.


Main Features



The Airtech was constructed with a wide nose and tail to ensure maximum stability for yoga users. Regular sup boards usually have much narrower ends to provide more speed in the water, something not necessary for yoga.



The Airtech is made from a military grade PVC to provide maximum protection and durability and ensuring your SUP doesn’t easily get damaged.


isle airtech accessories

isle airtech accessories


The Airtech comes with a high-pressure pump, a carry backpack and a paddle

Rail and Deck Bungee System to provide convenient access to all your gear



Stand up paddle boards aren’t cheap, so it’s comforting to know that ISLE provides a 30 day guarantee as well as a 1 year warranty on the Airtech


With such a wide variety of SUP boards available in different dimensions and shapes. And each built for specific activities in mind, it was important for a manufacturer to create a board that was solely designed for yoga.

This is especially important for beginners who can easily get confused and end up buying a SUP board not at all suited to yoga.

Everything from the construction to the stylish colors and design, ISLE Surf and SUP really put a lot of thought into creating the Airtech for yoga use and as such it stands as one of the best SUP boards for yoga available.

What you can expect


Isle inflatable paddle board with young lady

The Airtech will provide you with an amazing SUP yoga experience. It provides excellent stability but still provides that little bit of an extra challenge that you don’t get from bigger boards which will allow you to really focus and improve in your ability.

Transporting the Airtech is almost effortless because of its light weight and yet it’s extremely durable. Even with 2 people on it, the way it sits in the water will remain unaffected. Such is the quality of the construction.

It’s extremely well made and you almost can’t tell that it’s an inflatable without inspecting it up close and touching it.

Inflating the board can take around 10 minutes the first time you do it, but as you get used to it, it will get progressively quicker and soon you should be able to pump it up in around 5 minutes.

One customer noted that at first, she didn’t feel very stable on the board, however, after taking a yoga class, she is now extremely comfortable on the board. She loves the Airtech and recommends it to all her friends.


The one thing we didn’t like about the Airtech has nothing to do with the actual board, rather with the paddle. You see, the paddle sinks.

It won’t sink immediately, however if you do accidentally drop it in the water, you will need to get a hold of it quickly or risk losing it.


ISLE Airtech 10′ Review: Final Verdict

Isle Yoga Sup Front and Side ViewThe Airtech is an amazing board for all SUP yoga practitioners whether you’re completely new to it or a veteran.

The board was made for SUP yoga:

  • It’s stable yet still providing a challenge
  • It has a large, comfortable deck pad to assist in more intensive yoga positions
  • It’s very light and easy to carry
  • It has stylish design and colors perfectly themed for yoga and making this board a real head turner


What more could you want in a SUP board for yoga?

P.S. If you are a complete beginner and not feeling at all confident, you may want to try a slightly larger board such as the Atoll 11” SUP Board, as it will provide a bit more stability.

You can view the Airtech here from Amazon