Atoll 11′ iSUP Review 2020: The Cruiser Deluxe


Stand Up Paddle Board enthusiasts know that there are many types of paddle boards to choose from, depending on what you’d like to accomplish with the sport.

Large numbers of people, however, are turning to multi-purpose inflatable paddle boards rather than the traditional hard boards.

The reasons for this are simple; people who love to SUP have discovered that inflatable boards are durable, versatile, and very convenient to use and store.

The Atoll Board Co, based in Huntington Beach California, has answered this growing demand with its highly rated 11’ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, the Cruiser Deluxe.


General Information


The Atoll 11’ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board offers the same stability and maneuverability as its hard board competition, but with the added benefit of being less likely to chip, crack, or break.

This iSUP is 40% lighter than other inflatable models, making it even easier to carry and transport.

Unlike a hard board, inflatable SUP’s need no special roof racks for transport, because they can be easily stowed in the backseat or trunk of any car. The Atoll 11’ iSUP is light enough to carry on hikes, on a bus, or even a plane. This amazingly versatile board is well suited for any use including yoga, fishing, touring, surfing, and racing.

Atoll iSUP Review Main Image

Extreme Versatility


The Cruiser Deluxe is a great choice for anyone who enjoys paddle boarding, but who may not have room for a bulky hard board.

Its lighter weight makes it simple for nearly anyone to carry, while its versatility, stability and performance makes it easy for everyone from beginner to enthusiast to enjoy it in all water conditions. This board has been tested for people of all sizes and heights, and has been water tested up to 350 pounds.

Featuring a tough dual layer PVC construction, this board can’t be damaged by pets or rough water.


Specifications & Features


This 11′ iSUP comes fully equipped and ready to use with:

High quality tough 10’ tether leash, an aluminum alloy adjustable paddle, a repair kit, a Bravo High Pressure Dual Air Pump, a removable center skeg fin , and a sturdy, water resistant carry backpack.

At 40% lighter than its competition, the Atoll Cruiser Deluxe features sturdy, drop stitch construction with a dual layer PVC material covering. Weighing in at a total of 22 pounds, the only thing sacrificed with this iSUP is the extra bulk.

The Universal fin box is designed to move three inches, and can be used with any after-market fin. It has no hardware required to install the fins; racing, surfing, or river fins can be attached and replaced easily. The tri-fin design allows for better tracking and maneuverability while stabilizing the iSUP.

The Atoll Cruiser deluxe offers front and back bungee tie downs, 15 D-rings attached to deck and sides, two grab handles, and a large bungee net to securely hold your belongings.

The D-rings are perfectly placed to clip supplies or a cooler to the SUP, and are arranged to place a kayak seat if desired. The high quality EVA traction pad runs nearly three-quarters of the length of the board, making a large, anti-slip standing area.

The backpack is made from mesh and nylon, designed to allow the board to dry out completely before being stored. It is large enough to carry the board, pump, and the unassembled three piece paddle easily; this bag also has a waist strap included for more stability while using it as a backpack.

Consumers report that this water resistant bag is especially handy for carrying supplies and clothing while using the board.

The total dimensions of the Atoll 11’ Stand Up Paddle Board are 6” thick, x 32” wide, and 11’ in length. It has been water weight tested at 350 pounds, with a maximum capacity of 250 pounds. Currently available in green, blue and pink, the board looks as stylish as any of its competitors. Maintenance of the board is as simple as hosing it off when it is dirty.


atoll sup board with pump & bag

Buyer Feedback


The Atoll iSUP is currently carrying a five star rating on nearly all sales sites on the internet.

Users rave about its stability; one testimonial states that it was their first time ever using a SUP and within minutes, he was standing up, balanced and paddling with his nearly 50 pound dog.  Users are praising the fast shipping and amazing customer service they have received when purchasing the board, as well as its durability and versatility.


inflatable sup's have excellent durability

Value for Money


The Atoll inflatable paddle board is competitively priced, with customers stating that it’s excellent value for money considering all the accessories that’s also included.  Atoll Board Co. offers not only a two year warranty against manufacturer defects, but also includes a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee.


the atoll isup is an excellent all around paddle board

Atoll iSUP Review: Final Verdict


The Atoll 11’ Stand Up Paddle Board offers the stability of a hard board with the versatility and affordability of an iSUP.  It comes equipped with many fantastic accessories, making set-up and use a snap.  This is a multi-purpose iSUP that can be used in nearly every SUP sport, by beginners and professionals alike.

With its consistently high ratings, responsive customer support team, and competitively affordable pricetag, this is one iSUP that won’t sell you down the river.