A Look at the Best Sup Boards for Yoga 2019

In this article we’ll be looking at SUP Yoga. Specifically, how to go about choosing the best paddle board for yoga.

To begin, we’ll discuss arguably the two most important features to look for in a yoga sup.

Thereafter, we’ll compare whether an inflatable sup or hard sup is best for yoga. We’ll also look at how all-around paddle boards compare with boards specifically made for yoga.

Finally, we’ll look at a few different stand-up paddle boards which we recommend for yoga.

What Makes a Good SUP for Yoga?


A perfect sup board for yogaThe best paddle boards for yoga will provide:

  • Maximum Stability – So that you don’t fall off
  • Ample space (surface area) – To allow you to perform the different yoga positions and poses


Specific SUP features that contribute to the overall stability and space are:


SUP Thickness


One of the key factors for stability is the SUP boards overall thickness.

The thicker the board, the more stable it is

With this in mind, it’s best to get a stand up paddle board that is AT LEAST 4 inches thick. However, we recommend looking for a board in the 5″ – 6″ range.


Board Volume


The biggest factor that contributes to the overall stability of a SUP board is it’s overall volume (length and width).

Simply put, the more volume a SUP board has, the more stable it will be.

These bigger boards can also support more weight and are the best choice if you’re a beginner.


The Back End


It’s a good idea to get a board that has a wide tail. This adds to the overall surface area, giving you a bit more room to work with. And it adds to the stability.


inflatable paddle board with a large deck padDeckpads


Make sure that the yoga board you decide to buy comes plenty of deck pad. This deck pad essentially acts as your yoga mat and will provide added comfort and will give you better footing so that you don’t lose your balance.


SUP boards usually come in the regular epoxy/fiberglass form and an inflatable version.

Let’s take a look at how they stack up against each other, particularly for yoga use.


Inflatable vs Hard Sup for Yoga


General Performance


From a general performance point of view, regular boards are slightly better than inflatable boards since they provide better speed, glide and steering.

However, this isn’t true when it comes to yoga.


Yoga specific


For yoga, speed, glide and steering aren’t important at all. Rather, the best SUP for yoga is designed for maximum balance, space and stability.




A popular misconception is that hard boards will last longer than inflatable ones. However, this isn’t true. Inflatable stand up paddle boards are far more durable than rigid epoxy stand up paddle boards.


SUP Yoga on a lakeEnvironment


While regular SUP boards are suited to specific conditions, inflatable stand up paddle boards work well in ALL conditions. Making them ideal especially for beginners.


Transportation and Storage


This is probably the biggest advantage inflatable SUP boards have over regular ones.

Transporting an inflatable SUP board is a non-issue.

Besides being incredibly light-weight, Inflatable stand up paddle boards fold up into the size of a rolled up sleeping bag when deflated. As opposed to regular epoxy/fiberglass boards that require that you either have a large vehicle or some sort of strapping or car rack installed.

Inflatable SUP boards can literally be stored anywhere since they can be deflated and easily rolled-up into a carry bag. Regular hard boards can’t. So you will need to set aside a designated area to store them. This is definitely not a practical option for you if you are short on space.


A yoga stand up paddle board class

Next, let’s talk a bit about the two different types of SUP boards that are suitable for Yoga. Namely, All-Around SUP’s and Yoga Specific paddle boards.

All Around Stand Up Paddle Board or Yoga Stand Up Paddle Board?


Although there’s normally always a preference for any product that is designed for a specific purpose, an All-Around SUP will work just as well for yoga.


All-Around SUP


As the name implies, these stand up paddle boards are built to work well in all conditions.

Their versatility makes them a Jack of All Trades. They are the most common shape for stand up paddle boards in general, making them a good option for complete beginners who have never been on a SUP board before.

So, if you are looking to share your SUP board with the family for activities other than yoga, the All-Around stand up paddle board will make for an excellent choice.


Yoga Stand Up Paddle Boards


As the name suggests, these boards are designed specifically for yoga, and are built for maximum stability.

They have big decks to provide more than enough room for practicing yoga, as well as a large deck pad to give extra comfort when you are busy with more intense yoga positions.


Having covered the basics of what you should look for in a stand up paddle board for yoga, let’s look at specific boards that we recommend for SUP Yoga.

1. Atoll 11′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board


This is arguably the best stand up paddle board for yoga beginners.


Well, At 11′ long, 32″ wide and 6″ in thickness, as well as being able to support up to 300lbs, this board will provide plenty of room and stability for beginners.

And considering how big it is, it only weighs 19 lbs, which is surprisingly light. Making it a breeze to carry.

The other reason why this is the perfect board for beginners is that it’s an extremely versatile board. So if you are looking to use it for more than just yoga, or maybe other family members want to also have some fun, this board will be perfect.

This SUP board is made by the Atoll Board Company, who have developed a reputation among paddle board enthusiasts for providing excellent customer service.

They really do provide a very personal service and go the extra mile to ensure that you as a customer are completely satisfied.


atoll isup in waterOther features include:


A repair kit.

Bungee tie downs in the front and back which will allow you to bring your equipment with you.

A hand pump that will inflate your stand up paddle board when you push down AND when you pull the handle up.

A noticeably thick and comfortable deck pad.

A nylon carry bag. The sides of the bag are mesh, which I think is a nice touch, since it will allow your stand up paddle board to dry while you are carrying and storing it.

The bag also has 2 shoulder straps as well as a waist buckle in order to remove some of the weight on your shoulders. It may seem insignificant to most, but you will appreciate the difference it makes if you are walking a far distance.

Some customers were pleased to note that the Atoll stand up paddle board didn’t lose any air when it was being stored fully inflated for a few days.

Overall the board has an excellent 9.5/10 average rating by customers, making it one of the best inflatable SUP for yoga.

2. ISLE Airtech Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board for Yoga


This stand up paddle board was designed especially for yoga use.

At 10’4″ long and 31″ wide, it has slightly less volume than the Atoll SUP. Which is the only reason why we would recommend the Atoll over the ISLE Airtech for complete beginners.

However, if you aren’t entirely brand new to stand up paddle board yoga this is probably the best choice.

The difference in stability when compared to the Atoll will hardly be noticeable if you do have a bit of experience.

The wide nose and tail really adds to the stability. And together with the stylish design and colors, you will not find a better yoga stand up paddle board.

As with the Atoll, the ISLE Airtech is also 6″ thick, yet it is only 18.2lbs making it slightly lighter. One customer, a 63 year old lady, even commented on just how easy it is to carry it around due to it being so light.

Despite its light weight, you can see that ISLE Surf and SUP (the manufacturers) have not compromised at all on the quality. And you won’t even notice a difference in how the board sits in the water when 1 or 2 adults are on it.

The ISLE Airtech is made from a military grade PVC, making it even more durable than other inflatable SUP’s. So, you really won’t need to be worried about it getting damaged.


Isle Yoga Sup Front and Side ViewOther features include:


A high-pressure hand pump. It takes around 5 – 10 minutes to inflate the stand up paddle board with the pump. However, the more you get used to it, the quicker you’ll get at inflating it.

A removable fin.

An adjustable paddle. This is probably the only complaint with the ISLE Airtech. Unfortunately the paddle will sink if left in the water. If you do accidentally drop it, it won’t sink immediately but don’t take too long or else it will. The 2 solutions for this are:

1. DON’T drop it.


2. Get a light carbon fiber paddle


A rail and deck bungee system so that your equipment is always within reach.


Just a quick word on the manufacturers. ISLE Surf and SUP are one of the leading manufacturers of stand up paddle boards. They’ve been around for quite a long time (2004) and really understand the needs of their customers since they themselves are paddle boarders and surfers, and not just some suits and ties looking to turn a profit.

The ISLE Airtech is widely considered to be the best inflatable paddle board for yoga. It’s probably the most popular selling yoga SUP board at the moment. And with a 9.5/10 customer rating, it’s easy to see why.


More Yoga SUP recommendations coming soon!
Lady doing yoga on a paddle board

You should now be in a much better position to decide on which SUP will be best for your yoga requirements.

Remember to have a look at our recommended boards above, they are extremely popular with consumers, and are generally considered to be among the best paddle boards for yoga.